Kosovo and Serbia | 2022

The Processes of Environmental Impact Assessment in Mining

Drawing on Canadian best practices in mining, we provided training in the process of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The ERGP delivered virtual workshops to participants from government and industry representing Kosovo, Serbia, and North Macedonia.  These sessions explored principles, processes, and the role of government, private sector, and industry.  We focused on the context of public communication of EIA, and its importance in mining project development.


Training and Education


ROMANIA | 2015

Royalty Systems for Oil and Gas Development

The mission presented research results from an SPP publication on the royalty system for oil & gas development in the Black Sea under Romania jurisdiction and discuss fiscal issues in the development of Romania’s new Petroleum Law. Meetings were also held with other regional stakeholders including the Energy Policy Group, Romanian Energy Centre and National Agency for Mineral Resources.

Conferences and Panels
UK | 2015

Extractive Industries in Africa: New Approaches to Overcome Enduring Challenges

The Royal Institute of International Affairs held its “Extractive Industries in Africa: New Approaches to Overcome Enduring Challenges” Conference to further to its commitment towards working with Tanzania and Mozambique on building enhances institutional capacity in extractive resource governance topics.

Conferences and Panels