We build for
good governance.

Welcome to the Extractive Resource Governance Program

Located at the University of Calgary's School of Public Policy, the ERGP is founded on Canadian best practices and sound expertise. 
From strategic advising to training, research to global projects, we are part of a leading academic institution, and the nation's #1 policy school.

About Us

Read about our beginnings in the heart of Canada's energy sector and learn how our commitment to good governance starts at home.  Here, you'll find information about The School of Public Policy and our operating model.

Lines of Work

The ERGP draws on Canadian best practices in resource governance, setting an international standard through recognized expertise. We work in mining, oil and gas, energy and energy transition, and environment.

Projects & Partnerships

The ERGP works around the world, taking on diverse projects and advancing capacity. The foundation of our approach is authentic partnership, which we see a key building block for success.