Advisory Services

Strategic and Technical Advising

Governments and industry face challenges but also opportunities in developing conventional and non-conventional resources. In an advisory capacity, we help global jurisdictions navigate policy development and we provide tools for responsible resource management.

Strategic Advising

Strategic Advising

With government and private industry, we work to:

  • Evaluate and scale the potential risks and rewards associated with various policy choices
  • Adopt creative solutions and new approaches to minimize risks and demonstrate leadership during a period of change
  • Develop strategies for responding to external pressures
  • Identify and analyze potential future scenarios and develop policy options to respond to those scenarios
  • Build capacity in the area of strategic policy development and implementation and providing training for mid- to senior-level staff
  • Identify external pressures and to develop and implement strategic communications approaches
  • Initiate public stakeholder engagement approaches
Technical Advising

Technical Advising

In technical capacities, we support public and private sectors as they:

  • Identify and develop a full understanding of the challenge being faced, including through root cause analyses
  • Develop options to address the issue or problem
  • Use PESTEL analysis to identify risks and action options
  • Gather and evaluate information for successful problem solving and resolution
  • Select and implement appropriate technical options
Policy Development

Policy Development

As policy specialists, ERGP expertise is lent to:

  • Develop legislation, regulation, and policy to address government need. Policy objectives of a government are those objectives identified in the mandate of a democratically elected government.
  • Differentiate policy and strategic options based on governmental goals and constraints.
  • Contextualize social, political, and economic realities in developing policy and governance options.
  • Use PESTEL analysis to identify risks and action options
  • Select, develop, and implement appropriate frameworks.