History of ERGP

Early Days

We envision a world where sustainable development of energy and mineral resources is achieved through effective and efficient governance.

The Extractive Resource Governance Program (ERGP) was inaugurated in April 2014 with a mandate to support Canadian and international jurisdictions in mineral and petroleum resource development. It was founded by a small, committed group of energy and policy experts steadfast in advancing principles of good governance.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, the ERGP’s position at the heart of Canada’s mature energy sector allowed us to leverage a wealth of expertise and share with the world some of the most advanced legislative, regulatory, and policy systems in existence. They result from decades of responsible and sustainable development.

Initially, our teams focused on a number of short-term engagements in oil and gas. With time, and through growing demand from public and private sectors, the ERGP grew to become one of the best known governance centers in Canada. Today we work not only in petroleum and mining, but also in energy, environment, sustainability, and climate.

The ERGP has had tremendous international success in supporting governments, private companies, and non-governmental institutions, creating expansive partnerships that promote capacity building and knowledge transfer. Through these collaborations, shared commitment to the advancement of extractive and natural resource industries is backed by a diverse, highly recognized team of experts devoted to excellence in practice.

Good Governance

Natural resources bring great opportunities for societies to enjoy economic growth and prosperity. A critical part of resource development is ensuring these opportunities are shepherded in a way that protects social and environmental values.

Governments, industry, and communities need the right tools to build successful, conscientious projects. This means policy systems, regulatory regimes, the diverse lenses needed to manage complex social, political, and economic dynamics.

At the ERGP, we believe good governance comes from capacity building and collaboration. We fulfill our good governance mission through:

  1. Strategic and technical advising;
  2. Teaching, training, and academic partnering across a variety of sectors and subject areas;
  3. Research, critical analysis, and publications that facilitate knowledge sharing;
  4. Global projects that support best practices in resource development.


Good Governance